Important Dates


Dear Colleagues,

We are very happy and honored to invite you to the 6th International Çukurova Gastro-intestinal Diseases and Surgery Congress, which will be held in Adana, Çukurova University Mithat Özsan Convention Center on March 9-12, 2023.

This year we have decided to do the scientific program at Mithat Özsan Convention Center due to the 50th year of foundation of Çukurova University. It is an honor to be a part of the 50th year of foundation events.

The prevalence of digestive system diseases, which is one of the main subjects of General Surgery, especially cancers, is increasing posthaste today. Surgical treatment of esophagus, stomach and colorectal diseases still maintains its indispensable feature. In this field, besides open surgery, laparoscopic, robotic and endoscopic applications can be made easier and safer by means of new technologies. Treatment modalities also necessitate following scientific studies, publications and technological developments that are increasing at an incredible pace in this field, which should be discussed multidisciplinary.

Our congress is one of the leading important surgery meetings for general surgeons, surgery assistants, dietitians, medical students and nurses. The distinctive features of the congress that will take place will be the conferences where technology and surgery meet, panels, live broadcasts, consult an expert and round table discussions, while bringing you together with experts who have given years of experience in this field with their quality and experience, and will offer a wide range of practical training and didactic learning opportunities.

The Program Committee aims to equip surgeons with the modern Scientific Program to meet today's educational and training needs and to achieve the best results in the ever-changing healthcare environment. These courses will focus on acquiring knowledge and skills through best practices in teaching and teaching methods. Many experienced scientists will contribute to our congress, which we expect participation at national and international level. In addition to our video and case presentation panels, it will be ensured that experiences are shared with oral and poster presentations at our meeting.

Also there will be national and international speakers who will contribute to the program about important nursing services at gastro-intestinal diseases, dietitian and nutrition. Nurses and dietitians will contribute as main topic, course and abstract presentation about Stoma, wound care treatment, IBS and nutrition in obesity.

Our congress will be broadcasted on the web site as well and we will have the opportunity to listen some of the international speakers in a hybrid way.

The contributions of you, our distinguished colleagues, to our congress, which will be held at Çukurova University, Mithat Özsan Convention Center, in Adana, on the days when the orange flowers bloom, when the spring begins, are very valuable.

We are waiting for you all to our congress, which will bring you a social carnival with its scientific subjects and experienced speakers, with its scientific and regional beauties.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

Best Regards.

Prof. Dr. Ömer Alabaz
Chair of Congress
Prof. Dr. Alper Sözütek
Congress Secretary